Monday, May 21, 2012

RESNA History Pilot Project Opportunity at the Annual Conference

The RESNA History Committee is charged with the collection and website display of artifacts relating to the history of assistive technology, especially those relating to RESNA or its members.
In addition to physical objects, history also includes stories, recollections, and reflections. In an effort to capture these elements, a participatory history project will be piloted at the annual conference in Baltimore.
All those attending the conference are invited to contribute to this effort by providing verbal descriptions of significant RESNA-related assistive technology events and experiences. This could include stories about colleagues, on-the-job situations, special occasions, or personal memories. A list of sample questions and topics can be found below.
To participate, just bring your memories along with any props you might have to the conference and plan to spend no more than 5 minutes describing them. Participation by small groups as well as individuals is welcomed. A camcorder will be set up in the Computer Tech Lab to record your history contribution. (No video material collected at the conference this year will be made public.)
After the conference, the History Committee will evaluate the success of this trial effort by reviewing the videos and reading your comments and then consider strategies to employ to enhance this process at next year’s conference.
Your suggestions about this pilot effort are most welcomed. Please let me know if you would like to participate.
See you in Baltimore,
Dave Jaffe
RESNA History Committee Chair
RESNA History Website

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