Friday, October 7, 2011

Mobile Tech Tips for Weak Hands

Mobile Tech Tips for Weak Hands

Don't let hand weakness interfere with using a tablet, e-reader or smartphone

First factory-built wheelchair-accessible vehicle hits the market

First factory-built wheelchair-accessible vehicle hits the market
From: Autoweek - 09/23/2011
By: Michelle Koueiter

Before Wednesday, the only wheelchair-accessible vehicles available to the
public were aftermarket conversions that generally came with structural
modifications and a price tag ranging from $50,000 to $80,000.

Now, a startup company called the Vehicle Production Group (VPG) has released
the first vehicle specifically assembled to accommodate people in
wheelchairs, with an MSRP of $39,950.

The vehicle is called the MV-1, which stands for Mobility Vehicle 1, and it
was built for the disabled community.

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Groundbreaking MV-1 puts disabled in the driver's seat

New American Car Company Debuts Vehicle for the Disabled

Speech Recognition for People with Difficult to Understand Speech

Speech Recognition for people with difficult to understand speech

Supplemental Speech Recognition (SSR) integrates speech recognition and word
prediction into a single software program so that you don't have to type so
many letters when writing. What makes SSR unique is that it works with
difficult to understand speech (often called "dysarthric" speech). Dysarthric
speech is usually not consistent enough, nor does it have enough
differentiation among spoken words to perform speech recognition on large
vocabularies without help. The speech recognizer in SSR is specifically
designed to work with this type of speech. We have spent several years
developing SSR and received research funding from the National Institutes of
Health to make this technology "real". If your speech is hard to understand
but it would be helpful to use it for writing, SSR is for you!

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Social Media for Dementia/Cognitively Impaired Patients

Social Media for Dementia Patients
From: SINTEF - 09/15/2011

SINTEF researchers are developing a version of the popular Facebook social
media site that offers a simpler user interface designed for elderly people
and those with dementia. "Why should elderly people be excluded from the
social media, which are the communication platform of the future?" says
SINTEF researcher Tone Oderud. The researchers want to develop a Web-based
communications application that is simple and secure for elderly and senile
users, their relatives, and caregivers. They say that social media can become
an important tool for improving the quality of life of elderly people, while
easing the burden on therapists and caregivers. In testing, the application
has shown that simple contact between relatives and the support services
improved all users' security. "The tests have shown us that there is great
potential for all in the fields of caregiving and digital communication,"
Oderud says.

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iPad, iPhone and iTouch Apps for Communication

Text to Speech Apps available at iTunes for the iPad, iTouch, and iPhone:

Speak It



Small Talk

Talk Assist


Tap to Talk

Type N Talk

Assistive Chat