Friday, October 7, 2011

Speech Recognition for People with Difficult to Understand Speech

Speech Recognition for people with difficult to understand speech

Supplemental Speech Recognition (SSR) integrates speech recognition and word
prediction into a single software program so that you don't have to type so
many letters when writing. What makes SSR unique is that it works with
difficult to understand speech (often called "dysarthric" speech). Dysarthric
speech is usually not consistent enough, nor does it have enough
differentiation among spoken words to perform speech recognition on large
vocabularies without help. The speech recognizer in SSR is specifically
designed to work with this type of speech. We have spent several years
developing SSR and received research funding from the National Institutes of
Health to make this technology "real". If your speech is hard to understand
but it would be helpful to use it for writing, SSR is for you!

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