Friday, October 7, 2011

Social Media for Dementia/Cognitively Impaired Patients

Social Media for Dementia Patients
From: SINTEF - 09/15/2011

SINTEF researchers are developing a version of the popular Facebook social
media site that offers a simpler user interface designed for elderly people
and those with dementia. "Why should elderly people be excluded from the
social media, which are the communication platform of the future?" says
SINTEF researcher Tone Oderud. The researchers want to develop a Web-based
communications application that is simple and secure for elderly and senile
users, their relatives, and caregivers. They say that social media can become
an important tool for improving the quality of life of elderly people, while
easing the burden on therapists and caregivers. In testing, the application
has shown that simple contact between relatives and the support services
improved all users' security. "The tests have shown us that there is great
potential for all in the fields of caregiving and digital communication,"
Oderud says.

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