Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The ALS Association 2016 Clinical Conference

The ALS Association 2016 Clinical Conference call for presentations and posters is now open. Submissions will be accepted until May 27, 2016.  

This conference will be a two-day clinical conference for allied health professionals, clinic coordinators, practice administrators and social workers.  

The conference will focus on exchanging information on best practices and emerging trends in ALS care.  Updates on adaptive technologies, respiratory devices, options for augmentative communication, end-of-life, psychological and allied health issues will also be featured.

Intended inference participants include speech language pathologists, social workers and counselors, nurses, assistive technology specialists, physical and occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, dietitians, physicians, and research coordinators.  

We welcome abstracts for platform (speaking) presentations of a variety of ALS-relevant topics: innovative approached to clinical management, potential solutions to challenges faced by people living with ALS, family/caregiver support and outreach strategies.  Individual speakers, panel discussion, and research updates are welcome.  Speakers should plan on a 30 or 30 minute time slot.  All accepted speakers and poster presenters will be offered complimentary registration for the conference.  

Suggested topics for the 2016 Clinical Conference (please note these are only suggestions. We welcome ANY ALS Clinical Submission)

The Disease
Introduction to ALS
Physical Activity for People with ALS
Genetics in ALS

Research and Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials in ALS (past, present, future)
National ALS Registry

Clinical Management
Adaptive and Assistive Technology
Outreach programs to Underserved Areas
Nutrition Management and PEGs
Genetic Counseling and Testing
Palliative Care and Hospice Services
Cognitive and Behavioral Assessment and Management
Respiratory Decisions and Options Along the Journey
Symptom Management
Driving Issues
Psychosocial Issues in ALS
Quality of Life Issues
Issues of End of Life Care
Communication Challenges and Strategies
Multidisciplinary Teams
Scientific Investigation of Alternative Treatments
Mobility and Activities of Daily Living
Diagnosis and Management of ALS/MND in Spectrum in Clinic
Speech and Swallowing Interventions and/or Techniques

Social Work Practices and Programs
Support for Children, Teen, and Young Adults
Assessing and Meeting Caregiver Needs
Intimacy and Spirituality in ALS
Advanced Planning
Care Management and Professional Boundaries

Insurance and Financial Resources
Financial Issues – Health and Life Insurance Resources
Funding for Assistive Technology
How to Ensure that Insurance Overs Prescribed Durable Medical Equipment
Updates on Medicare Changes
Skilled vs. Custodial Home Healthcare coverage – Medicare/Medicaid/Private Insurance

Supporting Professional Caregivers
Preventing Professional Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
Energize and Revitalize – Remaining Positive at Work
Maintaining Work/Life Balance

Full details about the conference can be found in the official flyer: