Monday, January 9, 2012

Braindeck-non invasive EEG & BCI that could provide new control channel for ppl w/ ALS


People who have severe movement disorders like Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
(ALS) or Locked in Syndrome, is a condition where a patient is awake and
aware of its surrounding but unable to communicate or perform any action due
to paralysis of almost every voluntary muscles in the body (with the
exception of eye movements and blinking). Imagine patients having a fully
functional brain trapped within a non-functioning body. The brain of the
patient would be fully conscious and aware of its surroundings, it could
think and process stimuli, but unable to translate thought into action. This
is caused by a gradual degeneration of the nerve cells in the central nervous
system that controls voluntary muscle movement.

Therefore the author suggest a non invasive Electroencephalogram (EEG) based
Brain Computer Interface (BCI) that could provide a new control channel to
individuals with severe motor impairments, an application that would enable
individuals to communicate with the outside world. The non-invasive method of
BCI suggested by the author is considered a safe procedure as it requires no
brain surgery and causes no harm to the patient under any circumstance.

Here, we see a subject trying to send an email through brain activity using a
T9 suggestive text approach (reduce stress). This is a low cost solution as
it makes use of a commercial EEG acquisition, Thus the time taken to send an
email is less compared with making use of the P300 approach.

Send an Email through Brain Activity

Send a Tweet through Brain Activity

Shamil Jaey


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