Friday, January 13, 2012

Inexpensive and Flexible Eye Gaze Tracking from Bed

Inexpensive and Flexible Eye Gaze Tracking from Bed
Presentation from the International MND Conference
Sydney, December 2011

presenter:  John Paulin Hansen,

Javier San Augustin; Henrik Skovsgaard

Title:  In expensive and flexible gaze tracking from bed

E-Solutions to improve outcomes for people living with ALS/MND

Objective:  To present a gaze tracking system that does not occupy the physical space in front of the user.  The system applies a large display that can be seen by a group of people and it is composed of inexpensive hardware components (display, camera, IR lights and PC) that can be substituted immediately if they fail.

Dscription:  The system consists of the ITU open-source gaze tracking software that can be downloaded free-of-charge from   This system works with an inexpensive web camera and Windows computer that has a video projector connected to it.

If you could not make the 22nd International Symposium on ALS/MND’s live, the Allied Health Professional Forum’s  sessions, they are available online for your viewing.

Visit to watch these presentation that occurred on November 29 in Sydney, Australia..

To access the specific presentations on  video, you will need to enter your name, email address and the password “sydney,” all in lowercase letters. Click the “Login” button, then the specific thumbnail below the main video display screen.

This video, along with other activities that took place during the symposium, will be available until January 1, 2012; however organizers are hoping to keep this link active until January 31.  After that date, the video will be available on the MNDA Australia website at

The ALS Association thanks both MND Australia and the MND Association U.K. for making these videos available.

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