Monday, January 13, 2014

PALS Joh Imber and Message Banking

Many may have seen early posting related to the Message Banking Model created by Costello at the ACP where many people with neurodegenerative conditions have banked hundreds of legacy messages prior to losing the ability to speak and the messages in their own voice are then incorporated into communication technology. In this video, the artist Jon Imber demonstrates how he has modified his method of painting and entered a new chapter in his career secondary to ALS. Jon has... also participated in the Boston Children's Hospital Augmentative Communication Program model for Message Banking his voice. He now has hundreds of personalized words, phrases and comments incorporated into technology using his own biological voice (a brief glimpse of this at the start of the video) He also completed the Model Talker project and has a synthetic voice for generative messages that approximates his biological voice. For more information on Jon' work, go to

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