Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Adaptive Apparel for People in Wheelchairs

 Designed especially for the physically challenged
or wheelchair users
My husband and family members have a difficult time getting regular clothes on me now that I am in a wheelchair. Are there any special clothes I can purchase that will make getting me dressed easier?

Getting dressed is a challenge for the mobility impaired, but clothing options combining comfort and quality continue to grow for those in wheelchairs and assisted care. For the disabled, including those in wheelchairs, finding clothes that fit and are easy to put on is difficult. Finding esteem-enhancing garments is harder still. As the Disability movement has matured, specialty companies have emerged offering clothes and accessories that afford the disabled dignity and independence and enhanced efficiency to caregivers and institutions. Mobility Advisor says: Don‟t limit your wheelchair fashion wardrobe to smocks or ill-fitting clothes. Looking good means feeling good. What you wear reflects your personality, so it is important to buy clothes that you like and enjoy - to look your best.

Yet, sometimes disabled people have difficulty finding properly-fitting and fashionable clothing. Bodies change when they are in wheelchairs and standard clothing can gap and bunch in the wrong places. Clothing off the rack does not take wheel chair fashion into account.

Fortunately, some clothiers have realized wheelchair fashion is a specialized need. Clothes made for wheelchair users can be found on the internet, through mail order companies, and in specialty clothing stores. And you can find wheelchair clothing in everything from casual to formal styles.

Many types of clothes for wheelchair users come with Velcro instead of zippers or buttons. These easy on and easy off outfits are perfect for folks with limited mobility. When shopping for your wheelchair wardrobe, consider:

 Buy short coats and jackets; otherwise you sit on the coattail.

 Short capes and ponchos are easily slipped on.

 Wear loose fitting, longer skirts; tight garments look short.

 Separates are useful and better than a dress; buy tops, matching jackets, trousers, and skirts.

 Jogging outfits are attractive and can be worn many places.

 Stretchy fabrics, such as knit, move and give.

 Elastic waistbands in front-pleated trousers make dressing easier.

Keeping these points in mind when you‟e on your shopping spree will make it easier to find comfortable, trendy clothing styles that will make you feel good about yourself and make others take notice.

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