Wednesday, February 27, 2013

If Someone Can't Use Both Hands, What Kind of Telephone Could They Use?

Via Diabled World

Up until recent years, there has been a disappointing lack of functional, affordable hands free telephone systems available for people with physical disabilities. Thankfully, this has now changed and there are an increasing number of options available for people do not have full use of their arms or hands, including phones for quadriplegics.

Home Phones:

1 - The Possum Sero provides a loud speaking, remote control telephone and answering machine with communication aid functions. This hands free phone is packed with many features including communication. You can record phrases onto the phone so that the user can play these when on a call. Making an emergency call is easy, with the touch of a button the help call feature is activated calling contacts of your choosing who can then talk to you via the hands free loud speaker. With caller ID, the voice announcing feature of the Sero! will tell you who's calling. This voice announcing feature extends telling you which button is being activated and the name of a contact in the phone book as you scroll through, which is particularly helpful if using a remote controller.

2 - ABLE-PHONE develops and manufactures Voice Activated Phones and Hands Free Telephones designed to be used by persons with little or no use of their arms and hands such as quadriplegics. All ABLE-PHONE products can be operated without the need to manipulate any type of switch.

3 - Hands Free Remote Controlled Speakerphone - This Remote Controlled Speakerphone is perfect for Parkinson's patients, people with quadriplegia, Dupuytren's Contractures of the hand, sever Rheumatoid Arthritis, or other mobility and dexterity disabilities that interfere with their ability to hold or dial a phone. With the option of hands free communication, users are able to independently call and talk on the phone for hours. Ideal for use in the home, office or assistive living facilities.

Cell Phones:

1 - The NoButtonsHeadset is a must have for anyone who is quadriplegic, has Arthritis, ALS, Cerebral Palsy, Upper Extremity disabilities or any other physical disability or handicap that limits the ability for them to push a button. It is the only Truly "Hands-Free" Bluetooth Cell Phone Headset.

2 - Cell Phones Forum: Provides information on cellphones for people with disabilities.

3 - Disabled World - Siri and Disability - Personal Assistant on Apple iPhone Takes Accessibility to New Level

Siri Video Demonstration on Apple iPhone:
- See more at:


  1. Sesame Enable is a relatively new company working towards a fully head-controlled smartphone (will be Android based):

    Till that product comes out, they have released an Android app that allows you to read eBooks while turning the pages with your head. So independent reading is possible for quadriplegics (after an assisted setup).

    For proper disclosure, I am the founder of Sesame Enable happy
    My co-founder is a quadriplegic himself, and initiated this development.


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