Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Winter Blahs:PALS Speak Out on How to Beat Them

The Greater Philadelphia asked some PALS for their tried and true tips:

How do you deal with Cabin Fever?
Here’s what they said

"Watch TV, movies, and read on my iPad"

"Stay connected to my family and friends through Facebook since I don't go out on very cold days"
"Savor the coziness of the wintertime burrowing in, with good books and movies!"

"Since I am in a wheelchair and can't sit on the floor anymore to play games with my grandchildren, they sit in my lap and we play games together on the iPad"

"Plan for visitors and spread them out so they‟re not all within the same few days of each other."

"Watching my cat go crazy watching outside things on TV and wanting to get them."

"Take a drive to the ocean and take a walk along the ocean."

"Play cards on the computer."

"Plan for travel to a warm place."

"Watch the travel channel."

"Read the newspaper."

"Organizing the photographs in albums, finally."

"Have "Tropics Night parties." Turn the heat up, play reggae, wear silly flower shirts and make
pina coladas."

"Play golf on the computer since it‟s my favorite sport."

"I love to watch Judge Judy and other court shows, and basketball (my wife hates them)."

"I watch the birds at the birdfeeders, bringing nature to me."

"I love to read."

"I love to listen to CD‟s, it changes my mood." 

"Take „Virtual‟ vacations, (steeping in a chosen country‟s culture for a few days- read about it, rent movies about it, make ethnic recipes or go out to eat at a restaurant of that cuisine)."

"Catch up on old movies."

"I bought full-spectrum light bulbs to try to ward off seasonal blues."

"Pray for an early spring!"

"Started a monthly poker game."

"The Soup Night Group (uniform consistency only!) - a twice-a-month dinner group taking turns cooking, with the neighbors, from November to March."
And finally…

Drink more hot chocolate!" - Theresa


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