Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Glove Keyboard Enables Use of Devices with One Hand

From: Embedded Technology Insider - 11/26/2012

Computer engineering students at The University of Alabama in Huntsville have designed a tool that could revolutionize new ways of using electronic devices with just one hand. It's called a Gauntlet Keyboard, a glove device that functions as a wireless keyboard. Instead of tapping keys on a keyboard, the user simply touches their thumb to points on their fingers assigned a letter or other keyboard function. Conductive thread carries the commands to a matchbox-sized Printed Circuit Board (PCB) affixed to the back of the glove.

The PCB transmits it via Bluetooth, whether it's a computer, a mobile phone, music synthesizer, video game, or military device. Think of the Gauntlet as a touch screen that works by tapping your fingers to your thumb on a gloved hand.

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UAHuntsville students hope glove keyboard will revolutionize use of devices with one hand


Gauntlet Keyboard


Gauntlet Keyboard video (0:33)

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