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Independence With an Eye: Disabled Gain Greater Freedom With Tobii's Gaze Selection Software for PCEye

BOSTON, Sep 05, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Tobii Assistive Technology Inc., the global leader in eye-tracking-enabled augmented communication and assistive technology devices, today released an update to its Tobii Windows Control software for the Tobii PCEye that features Tobii Gaze Selection, an award-winning, revolutionary new computer interface that allows users to completely control computers using only their eyes. This eye-tracking technology solution provides the most intuitive, easy-to-use, stress-free means of gaining comprehensive computer access to those who are disabled due to loss or restricted use of their hands or because of spinal cord or repetitive strain injuries, as well as patients with ALS, cerebral palsy and other debilitative conditions.
"This upgrade of Windows Control enhances the usability of our products for those with rehabilitative disabilities and will continue to help restore the quality of life these individuals are used to having," said Tara Rudnicki, president of Tobii ATI. "With Tobii PCEye, those with acquired disabilities can lessen the severity of their transition and rehabilitation efforts through continued computer access without additional assistance -- providing greater independence and privacy."
Tobii PCEye, a portable, lightweight, stand-alone eye-tracking unit designed to dock to any standard retail PC monitor, allows users to access files, navigate the Web, open applications, type and select on their own personal computers using their eyes. PCEye provides unparalleled eye-tracking accuracy and boasts the largest "track box" in the industry, allowing for a relaxed, unobtrusive computing experience while maintaining high computer performance via its built-in processor.
Tobii Windows Control has been significantly enhanced with the addition of Tobii Gaze Selection, a revolutionary computer interaction method that provides faster, more efficient and more relaxed computer access. The unique zoom function allows users the ability to hit smaller targets and provides full computer access typical of a conventional mouse or track pad. Additionally, with Gaze Selection, Windows Control now includes an improved on-screen, customizable keyboard that allows for a more relaxed computing environment.
The provision of Tobii ATI devices, such as the PCEye, has significantly enhanced the quality of life for more than 8,000 individuals with disabilities throughout the world. With Tobii eye trackers, these individuals are given greater independence and privacy, an enhanced emotional well-being, and the ability to communicate with friends and loved ones without the need for constant supervision and aid. Current Tobii ATI users are using their devices to create and sell paintings, write books and even play soccer with their children.
Most recently, Stephen Murray, a world-class BMX rider who sustained a severe spinal cord injury, uses his PCEye to run the daily operations of the Athlete Recovery Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to aiding other extreme athletes who have suffered debilitating injuries. With the robust eye-control capabilities of his PCEye, Murray is able to send emails to family and friends, make phone calls, chat on Skype, review personal bank accounts, log in to Facebook, communicate with his ARF business partner, and browse the Internet to keep up on current happenings in BMX.
"Stephen is a perfect example of the capabilities provided by PCEye, enabling these individuals to maintain a sense of normalcy during their transition, regain their independence and even return to work," said Rudnicki.
Tobii ATI has also released Tobii Communicator Four, an upgrade to Tobii's communication software that allows users to type words and phrases using their eyes and to use a screen reader to communicate to nearby caregivers. The latest version of Communicator includes Skype chat, contact editing, Windows auto start, compression of images and a reintroduced content tool. The software is now deployed across all Tobii assistive technology devices, including PCEye.
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Check out a video of Stephen using his Tobii PCEye.
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Tobii Assistive Technology Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Tobii Technology, is a leading provider of eye-tracking-based augmented and alternative communication (AAC) devices that help improve the lives of individuals with disabilities by enabling them to communicate, control their environment and gain greater independence through the movement of their eyes. For nearly three decades, Tobii ATI has been helping men, women and children with disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS), muscular dystrophy and spinal cord injury lead fuller, richer lives. Through its total commitment to serving its customers -- individuals, families, doctors, therapists, schools and rehabilitation centers -- Tobii ATI has developed a reputation as an innovative and caring industry thought leader that continues to push the boundaries of what's possible to deliver the most advanced, effective and empowering communications tools available for a wide array of disabled communities through award-winning eye-tracking and gaze-controlled hardware and software. Tobii is the global leader in eye-tracking and gaze interaction. For more information, please visit .
SOURCE: Tobii Assistive Technology Inc.

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