Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Think, Therefore I Spell

From: Scientific American - 09/2012 - page 28
By: Ferris Jabr

Researchers are developing new ways to help the paralyzed communicate with
their thoughts alone. Many of the new techniques rely on computers that
analyze patients' brain activity and translate it into letters or other
symbols. In a study published online in June in Current Biology, Bettina
Sorger of Maastricht University in the Netherlands and her colleagues taught
six healthy adults to answer questions by selecting letters on a computer
screen with their thoughts.

Read the preview (omits last two paragraphs) at:

New Brain-Machine Spelling Device Could Help the Paralyzed Communicate

Bettina Sorger

Neuronal ensemble control of prosthetic devices by a human with tetraplegia

Mind Reading Computer System May Help People with Locked-in Syndrome

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