Friday, July 20, 2012

Play Pong and Read Emails with Your Eyes Using This $60 Device

From: GeekTech - 07/13/2012

By: Yaara Lancet

A team of researchers from Imperial College London have developed an eye-tracking device that lets you control a computer, and not just control it, play games, read e-mails, and even browse the web.

 While eye-tracking technology is not new, this device is exciting for one good reason: it's cheap to build. While similar technology can be very unaffordable for those who really need it, this new device can be built for less than $60, and is made out of two video game console cameras.

Read the entire article and view a video (0:26) at:


Controlling your computer with your eyes

Senseye hands-on, or how I learned to play 'Fruit Ninja' with my eyes (video



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