Thursday, November 3, 2011

Did you know...there is adaptative clothing for those in wheelchairs?

Seven years ago celebrated Canadian fashion designer Izzy Camilleri was asked to design a custom piece for a successful journalist… who just happened to be a quadriplegic. This influential relationship opened up both the eyes as well as new doors for Camilleri, not then aware of the challenges people in wheelchairs face when it came to clothing. After much research and contemplation she was inspired to launch the most important collection of her career: IZ Adapative.

Fashion innovator Camilleri broke new ground with what is the world’s first line of everyday adaptable clothing for a “seated” clientele. The IZ Collection features modern and sophisticated pieces for both women and men who use a wheelchair, many of them under the age of 25 and yearning for access to style not readily available in the marketplace -until now. IZ Adaptive offers fashionable casual, professional, and formal wear that makes wheelchair users feel both empowered and proud. The line celebrates both body and spirit, and provides a seated client the freedom to finally define their own personal style.

 Each piece is cut to follow the line of the seated body, with strategic zipper placement accommodating specific needs. Izzy employs couture-like workmanship to her collections with a keen attention to detail that has secured her the position as one of Canada’s pre-eminent designers and also earned her Designer of the Year in 2006.

From runway to behind the scenes of the film and television industry, Izzy has worked extensively with Canadian and U.S. costume designers and stylists on feature films, TV movies, series, as well as music videos. Camilleri has designed for some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, and Catherine Zeta Jones, to name a few.

The IZ Collection however makes a profound impact on another set of VIP’s that transcend Hollywood A-listers: the seated clientele. VIP’s that now have access to style that they’ve never had before.

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