Monday, November 14, 2011

Controlling an Avatar with Your Brain? Israeli Lab is Trying

Controlling an Avatar with Your Brain? Israeli Lab is Trying
From: NoCamels - 10/26/2011
By: Alexandra Mann

Researchers at the Interdisciplinary Center's Advanced Virtuality Lab (AVL)
are developing next-generation of human-computer interfaces. AVL's main goal
is to build virtual worlds and the interfaces that will be used in the
future, investigating human behavior and the human mind in a virtual reality
setting. One of the projects, Virtual Embodiment and Robotic Re-embodiment,
is researching a way to control a virtual or physical body using only the
mind. The research team is one of the first to use a brain scanner to control
a computer application interactively in real time, which could help severely
disabled patients communicate, according to AVL's Doron Friedman. AVL
researchers also are working on the Being in Augmented Multi-modal
Naturally-networked Gatherings (BEAMING) project, telepresence technology
that aims to produce the feeling of a live interaction using mediated
technologies such as videoconferencing, virtual and augmented reality,
haptics technology, and spatialized audio and robotics. The researchers are
using BEAMING to develop a body language and gesture translation system.

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