Thursday, February 23, 2012

AAC Apps Assistant

The AAC Apps Assistant is HERE!
Provide the “best choice for the best AAC voice!”
Did you know that there are more than 100 AAC Apps available?
Do you spend hours looking for the “right” AAC App?

Have you purchased an App and found that it was not what you expected?
The AAC Apps Assistant can help ! ! !
This online clinical tool is a unique and powerful resource
which can help you identify augmentative communication Apps
for individuals with limited speech. 
It provides information based on our review of
over 100+ current communication Apps on the market.
  • It SORTS through and narrows down the choices of AAC (i.e. augmentative communication) Apps.
  • It saves time and money by helping you find the most appropriate App to purchase.
  • It asks the” right questions” to help you make the “best choice for the best AAC voice”.
The Apps Assistant Provides:
  • Side-by-side comparison charts summarizing the basic features of appropriate AAC Apps
  • The ability to identify Apps based on your communication needs.
  • Information for each identified App with prices and links to websites to continue to finalize your decision.
  • Works well in conjunction with augmentative communication (AAC) evaluations.

Let us help you "make the best choice for the best AAC Voice!"
Special introductory pricing!
The AAC Apps Assistant or the AAC Device Assistant

Individual User * = $4.99 per month
Individual User * = $34.99 per year
Up to 10 users * = $99.99 per year
Or both (AAC Apps Assistant & AAC Device Assistant) for:
Individual User = $59.99 per year
Up to 10 users = $164.99 per year
(for custom prices contact us!)
*  A user is one individual who uses the product;
available from any computer or mobile technology.


AAC TechConnect, Inc.
866.4u.AAC.RX (866.482.2279)

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