Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Body Wave--monitor that attaches to the body to control objects


BodyWave is a brain wave monitor that attaches to the body much like an MP3 player. There’s no need to wear a silly looking headset. Wearing BodyWave, you can discreetly increase your mental capacity, physical performance, or control objects in your surroundings without anyone ever knowing. And better yet, it’s all by mind alone!
In the near future, BodyWave will speak directly to you without the need for a cell phone or computer. Standing over your golf ball ready to putt? BodyWave will tell you when you’ve reached a peak performance state and are ready. Want to make that online trade, BodyWave will say, “It’s now time.”


How it works

Three dry sensors on the back of the unit contact the skin and begin searching for brainwave activity. The brain wave patterns are transmitted via Bluetooth or WiFi to a computer or hand held device.
Brainwave activity can control computer activities, 3D training scenarios, or live field equipment. Currently we have algorithms that monitor drowsiness, attention, mediation, stress/anxiety, and peak performance.
This is just the beginning! We’re developing apps to turn your cell phone on or off by mind alone. External control of home electronics is just around the corner as well — all from your brain and off the wrist!
We also think that 3D control on X, Y, and Z axises are just around the corner too. Think: forward, back, left, right, up, and down. Think it and it’s done.

Training environments

Virtually any 3D training scenario can be governed by brain wave activity. BodyWave makes learning to relax, to pay attention, to reduce stress, or to reduce anxiety easy and simple.
  • Peak performance state for athletes, done.
  • Reduce stress for flight controllers, done.
  • Optimize attention in students, done.
  • Optimize performance for law enforcement, medical,
    or other high stress jobs, done.

See BodyWave in action! Take part in a free webinar Today!


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